8 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch

March 13, 2020

  1. Know what’s in your food.
    Starting with the obvious – while not having to cook your food sounds tempting, knowing exactly what’s in your food is that much more appealing! To many people trust the food from foreign pots and pans. Yes, ofcourse we need our date night dinners out and out quick grabs every once and a while. However, a daily trip to the closes fast food place, or the vending machine isn't going to keep you body happy or your wallet! Forgo refined flours, sugars, oils, grease, and more by simply preparing your own foods and bringing them with you to the workplace or on the go. This  even allows you to separate your foods, and save the treats for later all in one box. There is nothing missing besides spending money. Which who doesn't love that! 
  2. More time to enjoy your lunch.
    No more deciding where to go, finding the time to go, and utilizing your precious lunch time to travel and figure out your food situation. Oh and WASTE GAS! Let’s face it – time is precious. If you can get some of it back by packing, my vote is to go for it! And save even more time having these meals done days before, seriously we've made it super easy even giving you 10 of our top secret simple prepping recipes, that are low cals but super filling to last you through the whole work day! 
  3. Better options with more thought.
    If you take the time to decide ahead of time what you’ll have for lunch, instead of opting for whatever is available at the moment, chances are you’ll end up with a much better outcome. By prepping ahead of time, you can determine exactly what it is that you’d enjoy instead of seeing what the cafeteria or workplace (or worse, vending machine) has to offer. Helping you stay on top of your health track, and enjoying the foods your actually like! Oh, and know where it came from and exactly it is cooked with! These small simple things will help you reach your health goals, and feel so much better! Check out the Nutrition guide, it will explain in much further detail on how to stay health and enjoy lunch, even with some treats! 
  4. Save money!
    I’m sure I don’t need to break this down for you, but let me give you an example. Think of the last time you went out to lunch. How much did you spend? $12? $15? A Chicken Salad at Chipotle with chicken, brown rice, pinto beans, guacamole + a water bottle is $12.13 (tax included). Oh yeah, and you have to use gas to drive there unless you walk (work it!) or had a friend pick it up. Yep, and there’s that time factor again, too. Packing a lunch at home of brown rice, black beans, a smashed avocado + cheese would cost less than $6. And you can use a reusable water bottle, and lunch box and help cut down on waste and get water from the filter at your workplace.
  5. Use leftovers from home (that might otherwise go to waste).
    Do you ever throw out leftovers? Feel like your fridge is so stuffed that you can’t see past the outer-most row of foods? Why in the world wouldn’t you repurpose those foods and make another great meal out of them?! It’s pretty much already done for you; all you have to do is throw it in a container and go with it. Need some inspiration for LEFTOVER RECPIE IDEAS? You’re welcome.
  6. Portion control.
    Part of eating a real food diet is stopping when you feel full (or are almost full). Because even if we’re eating real food, 3 helpings in one sitting may not be the best option. By packing your lunch ahead of time, you can pack adequate – but not out-of-control – portion control to ensure you don’t overeat (or overspend). And throw in a healthy snack too while you’re at it – apples and peanut butter is a great option – to avoid those afternoon trips to the vending machine.
  7. More variety.
    Whether you want to get some of those much-needed servings of fruit and veggies mid-day or simply enjoy different types of cuisines to switch things up, the options are endless when you’re doing the shopping and packing.
  8. You deserve it.
    Guys. Do I really need to explain this one? We’ve all been there. Single or married, with or without kids, male or female – we are all busting our butts to get everything done every day. I know, because I do the same thing, and I see my friends, family, and even strangers doing it too. Yeah, it’s easy to just hit the drive-through or curb your hunger with a nice big dose of caffeine. But we work hard, and we deserve good food to help take care of ourselves (amongst other things, but that’s another story). Take the time to plan out your meals. If you need ideas, NEWBIES HIGH PROTEIN RECIPE BOOK can fill your mind up with simple easy meals, and spark some meal prepping ideas along the way, then you just pop it in and enjoy whenever, where ever! 
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